Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gallup, New Mexico's Shalimar Inn

Gallup's Shalimar Inn is located right on old Route 66, east of Nizhoni Blvd, in front of the Gallup Municipal Airport and across from the BNSF/Amtrak railroad tracks. The picture above was taken back in Spring 2008. To the best of my knowledge, the Shalimar doesn't function as motel anymore, it seems like it acts as an apartment building. About a third of the units seem occupied, but the rest seem deserted and closed for many years, obviously a haven for drunks and drug dealers, etc. The rooms that are abandoned seemed like they were simply closed and not rented out anymore, one room was open and everything seemed in order, except the ceiling had fallen in, and the wood siding was warped and a thick layer of dust and mold covered everything.

Not a very good picture, but you get the idea

The office was empty but also seemed as if it was left 
in a haste. The tourist brochure rack
 was still intact, a candy bowl filled next to it. The window was broken and the receptionist desk was covered in cardboard and duct tape. 

The overhang in front of the office was visibly weathered, and chunks were missing from it.

I'm not sure about the past or the future of the Shalimar Inn. Its listed under Google so it seems like there is some recent past...but who knows. The picture to the right is a "Shalimar Inn" in Gallup, I wonder if this is the same one. Its worth a quick stop if your heading through Gallup, New Mexico...or at least a glance. 

A Study of Decay in the Southwest

I've been interested in the abandoned roads and buildings that cover Arizona and New Mexico. I've always been eager to crawl into them, to search the roadside for broken bits of old soda bottles, just souvenirs of a time long ago. I've found many websites documenting the forgotten buildings of the areas across our country...but few about the Southwest. I plan on having pictures up and a little bit of history, if you know anything about what I've posted, what I haven't written about, or something I've missed. comment. I'm always looking for more information.