Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on the Shalimar Inn

I was in Gallup for Memorial Day weekend with a couple of buddies, planning on hiking at Canyon de Chelly and other areas around the four corners. When we got into town on I-40, we got off the interstate at the far west end of town in order to drive Route 66, and for me, to see the Shalimar. Things we much different this time. The broken windows up at the lobby were fixed, lights were on, the place in and out was very well lit. The old building, of which I spoke about the open doors with the room almost intact except for mold and such, was now completely boarded up. All the doors we covered with plywood, preventing entry. I did a quick new search, but didn't find any events that happened there, probably just closing it up to keep kids from going in and partying.