Monday, November 24, 2008

Rudolph/Lou Grubb/Power Chevrolet, 27th+Camelback Rd. Phoenix

I made my way to the now deserted Rudolph/Lou Grubb/Power Chevrolet dealership on 27th ave and Camelback on saturday night, got some pictures before security chased me off. I only use my 35mm camera anymore for these pics so i must get them developed...but in the mean time, anybody have any info on the history of this dealership/building?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grocery Stores

I was standing in line at a Fry's Grocery Store today, and I began thinking about the old grocery stores we used to have her in Arizona. I can still recall walking the aisles in the ABCO at 35th ave and Glendale with my mom and hearing that over the loudspeaker. I also remember the televisions in the dairy aisle (im sure they were elsewhere too) that had commericals for "America's Funniest Home Videos." I remember Danny Tanner (the name I knew Bob Saget by in those days) laughing, and the footage of a black dog, possibly a lab, and a blue kiddy pool and green grass. I have no idea what the hell was going on in the video. I also remember the girl at the deli counter reminded me of Nicole Sullivan from Mad TV (that was during the Desert Market years)
I think the location at glendale and 7th st(or ave? its by the 51) had little carts for the kids to use.

I remember Mega Foods also. How the aisles were stacked high with products, seemed like a warehouse. Seemed kinda gross to me, at an early age. We went to the one at 43rd Ave and Indian School, in the "West Phoenix Plaza." Its blue and has like weird metal frames around the anchor store entrances. I remember the commericals and how you had to bag your own groceries at the store. I really looked forward to doing that when I was old, but the stores were bought out before I ever got a chance to do that.

Oh and Smiths. Nothing really spectacular stuck out to me, a recent visit to a Smiths in Albuquerque seemed like the Smiths we used to have...just a regualr grocery store. I do rememeber the picture of the owner over the entrance to the store. It was faded, and I think he was from Utah. I always wanted to have that picture in my room.

But my favorite, Smitty's. Man, that was the store. A grocery store combined with the extra stuff you would need for your home, and on top of that, a full service restaurant and, AND, a pizza place. (I think ice cream and candy as well) I remember going there with my parents and shopping for groceries first, then getting pizza on the way out. I dont remember much about the restaurant, just a pale gold, yellow and blue color scheme, and the old men who sat by the window drinking coffee from a cup. At 35th and Bethany Home, there was an old shopping center next to it as well, seemed futuristic to me (as a little kid) but at the same time was musty and worn out. I remember alot of concrete over hangs at the "plaza." All concrete. I recall my father taking me into some weird old Toy shop, maybe it was a comic book store, but it was creepy and smelled bad. It had yellow carpeting and lots of dusty olf action figures. I seem to recall mostly Star Wars. Mostly kids in there. If my memory serves me correct, It got torn down pretty soon after that.
Then Smitty's became Fred Meyer. Didnt like it as much, especially not after they closed the restaurant and pizza express. I remember plywood covering the restaurant/pizza entrance, it was painted white. My mom told me it would re-open, and we would be able to get pizza again.

It never did.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lone Wolf Annex, Jackrabbit, Arizona

Lone Wolf Annex is off of Exit 269 (jackrabbit rd) on Interstate 40 in Arizona. When you exit the interstate, go to the North frontage road and head down the dirt road east, until it curves. Right ahead of the curve will be Lone Wolf Annex. I'm not sure of much of the history of this building, but it seems to have been maybe a store on an early alignment of Route 66. From the outside it is a stuccoed exterior on top of what might be an adobe or brick wall. 

Most of the windows are either covered, patched, or gone.

The entrance is on the east side, through a wood addition. 
Bad floor, be careful. Don't linger too long, snakes were 

Inside the room is...weird. Of course it is starting to fall a
part, plaster falling, floor warping, moldy smell. seems to have been a classroom. Seemed to be a decomposing chalkboard on one wall.

Some sort of geography graph or something. Not a big math person so im not sure.

Lone Wolf Annex is worth a stop. Neat to explore, the grounds are littered with broken pop bottles, chunks of cars, and some old souvenirs (pair of dice, broken tomahawk, etc.) Another warning, snakes are in the area, be careful.