Friday, November 14, 2008

Lone Wolf Annex, Jackrabbit, Arizona

Lone Wolf Annex is off of Exit 269 (jackrabbit rd) on Interstate 40 in Arizona. When you exit the interstate, go to the North frontage road and head down the dirt road east, until it curves. Right ahead of the curve will be Lone Wolf Annex. I'm not sure of much of the history of this building, but it seems to have been maybe a store on an early alignment of Route 66. From the outside it is a stuccoed exterior on top of what might be an adobe or brick wall. 

Most of the windows are either covered, patched, or gone.

The entrance is on the east side, through a wood addition. 
Bad floor, be careful. Don't linger too long, snakes were 

Inside the room is...weird. Of course it is starting to fall a
part, plaster falling, floor warping, moldy smell. seems to have been a classroom. Seemed to be a decomposing chalkboard on one wall.

Some sort of geography graph or something. Not a big math person so im not sure.

Lone Wolf Annex is worth a stop. Neat to explore, the grounds are littered with broken pop bottles, chunks of cars, and some old souvenirs (pair of dice, broken tomahawk, etc.) Another warning, snakes are in the area, be careful.

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Good Luck Duck said...

Turned my car around as soon as I could get to the frontage road (about two miles). Cool beans.