Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gallup, New Mexico Pt. 1

I decided to take a break from the decay and promote Gallup, New Mexico. I like Gallup. I won't go into the history of Gallup too much, this site sums it up pretty well. Basically it is a railroad town. It is also known for its place in Route 66 history (in the song) and for some of its sites. I have already talked about the Shalimar Inn and its current state, but there are some other interesting things to see there. 

This is Richardson's Trading in Downtown, right on Route 66.

Eagle Cafe just down the block. 

BNSF/Amtrak trains run through the town on a regular basis.
The tracks run parallel to Highway 66 right through downtown. Most motels are located on the main drag through town and and you can hear the sound of the trains. But its cool to hear. And not much different then home if you, like me, live close enough to the train tracks that the sound doesnt bother you anymore.

  Pt. 2 will include a bit about Blake's Lotaburger and the El Rancho Hotel.

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